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Welcome to the best solution for Commercial Fleet Services available in Calgary, AB. Maclin Ford is proud to be one of select-few Ford dealerships in Canada to offer a full range of Ford vehicles for fleet use and maintenance. This means we adhere to Ford's strict Commercial Vehicle Centre standards that allow us to offer your business priority service and regular maintenance, saving you time and money while granting peace of mind. Our Commercial Fleet department specializes in customizing and maintaining Super Duty Trucks and / or bigger vehicles. If you make use of a branded vehicle in your business but do not satisfy Commercial Fleet requirements, please visit our Small Business page to see if this program is a better fit.

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Commercial Fleet Requirements

For any company that uses their vehicles for day-to-day business, there are a couple straightforward Eligibility Requirements to qualify for Ford Fleet Service

  • The minimum amount of vehicles you have in your fleet at any given time is at least 1
  • All vehicles being used to register an active Fleet Identification Number (FIN) must be registered and licensed to the company name and operated in Canada.
  • Farmers must license fleet vehicles as farm vehicles and supply GST exemption documentation
  • The commercial owner must complete a FIN registration for each active fleet vehicle
  • Unless otherwise specialized, all fleet vehicles whether leased or purchased must be used and licensed in Canada for at least 6 months and 15,000 kilometers.

If your business is able to meet these criteria then you are qualified to own a Fleet of Ford vehicles, and Maclin Ford is here to facilitate your acquisition, customization and maintenance. Let us make it easy for you to run your business!

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Maclin CVC Benefits

Becoming part of Maclin Ford's Commercial Vehicle Network comes with its share of benefits, allowing you to operate your business without having to worry about your fleet. Some useful features are, but not limited to:

  • Direct Contact - You get direct access to all your needs via one of our expert Fleet Consultants
  • Fast Priority Service - No one gets tended to before our CVC clients
  • Preventive Care - Our expert service staff will ensure all preventive care possible is taken to ensure your vehicles are always in top shape
  • Custom Body Work - Our commercial vehicles are customizable to suit your specific business needs. Consult with one our fleet experts for more information on available modifications



Start Your Fleet Today at Maclin Ford

Our mission is to deliver an outstanding sales, service, and finance experience for commercial customers through a comprehensive commercial dealer network program that drives profitable growth. At Maclin Ford we care about your fleet. We have been servicing Calgary and surrounding area businesses in Alberta for over 100 years, and we know what it means to have a reliable and reputable source for your Fleet needs. Visit us at 135 Glendeer Circle SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2S8 or call our Fleet Manager at 403-252-0101 for more information on starting or servicing your Commercial Fleet today.