Delivery Promise

The day you take home your new or used Maclin Ford vehicle is a special day. We want to ensure your experience is memorable and you leave in your new or used vehicle feeling like a VIP.
On your delivery day, we promise to follow these 10 points of Maclin Ford's superior customer service:

  1. Present you with a spotlessly detailed vehicle that is ready for you upon your arrival and a full tank of gas.

  2. Ensure all promises in writing are delivered upon.

  3. Confirm any add-on's or accessory installs are present and have been completed.

  4. Give you a SWAG bag full of goodies from Maclin as our way of saying thank you for choosing us.

  5. Introduce you to our friendly Parts & Service Department.

  6. Pair your phone to the in-car Bluetooth system, demonstrate all vehicle features and technology as well as answer any questions you may have about using any of your vehicles features.

  7. Set up radio presets to your favorite radio/satellite radio stations.

  8. Sign you up for Ford Canada Owner Advantage Rewards program (OAR), which gives you a free first oil change and future rewards towards the service and maintenance of your vehicle.

  9. Confirm your contact information is correct so we can inform you of any potential recalls notices and service reminders.

  10. Let you know exactly when we will follow up to see how you are loving your Maclin Ford vehicle.