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At Maclin Ford, we want to help everyone by giving them an equal opportunity to drive off our lot in a new or used vehicle regardless of their credit history. We all know it's a lot easier for people who have a history of steady credit and income to get approved for a great loan, but we don't want this fact to stop people who have had less favorable circumstances to be able to get themselves a reliable car. In fact, we know that people who have had some hiccups in their credit history are skeptical about buying through a dealer based on the fact that they are worried they might not meet the requirements for a standard car loan. We're here to tell you that at Maclin Ford, we have got a Subprime program to help those who are in need of a little leniency and/or help when it comes to getting an auto loan in Calgary, AB.

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To make things easy, we have put together an Online Financing Application that you can do from the comfort of your own home, office or even bed. Simply fill out our short and easy form and submit it to our Finance Department for further review. This saves you a trip to our dealership and ultimately saves everyone time through the finance application process. If you suspect or know you fall into the Subprime category, use our Subprime Financing Application below to begin the process towards finally getting you into that safe and reliable vehicle you've been waiting to be able to get behind the wheel of. We know we can help.

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We Don't Judge You On Credit

At Maclin Ford we don't discriminate, we are in the business of selling cars to bring reliability and lifestyle into the lives of our customers and we do our best to be able to help everyone that walks through our doors. Whether you have good credit, bad credit, no credit or even a history of bankruptcy, our expert Finance Team has got the tools and knowledge necessary to find a way to get you a loan that suits your lifestyle and budget.

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Don't wait any longer, our expert Finance Team are waiting for your application to begin your journey towards getting into a new or used vehicle regardless of your credit score. We want to make it easy for you to get into a Ford. Visit us at 135 Glendeer Cir SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2S8 or give our Finance Department a call at (403) 252-0101 during business hours.

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