Summer vs All Season Tires

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When you are picking out tires for your car, there is more to consider than just the weather. You need to think about what vehicle you drive, your driving habits, and your environment. Summer tires and all season tires seem similar, but respond differently in different types of driving conditions, so it is useful to know some benefits and downfalls of each.

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Summer Tires

Summer tires are also known as performance tires, and are designed for quality performance and sporty driving. They respond well to changing direction, including curves in the road, and they are more effective when braking. They respond well in both wet and dry road conditions; in fact, they respond better in wet conditions than all season tires do. Because the tread is quite shallow there is more rubber gripping the road. Summer tires are often more expensive than other types of tires, and they can be noisy, bothering some drivers. They only work well when the weather is warm, and are not at all suitable for winter conditions.

All Season Tires

All season tires are the best all-around tire for moderate driving and moderate conditions. They drive adequately in all types of weather conditions, but are not excellent in any one condition. They are more durable and resistant than summer tires, and are much quieter. They have the best quality to price ratio on the market and are among the most affordable high quality tires. When the temperature drops, you can get away with keeping your all season tires on for a while, but it is best to switch to winter tires for better tread when the roads become icy.

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